tracking what i do and when i do it.



day six : june 1st 2020

I did not have a lot of time today. So I mainly worked on the "tripy" page, my eyes still hurt, lol. I also did some internet personality tests, which I added to my "about".

day five : may 31st 2020

Today I did not learn any new html skills. But I dived into the world of gif's. And I created a "gif" page and I added an "about" page (aand a tripy page...), in an attempt of organizing my website. I really want to make my page more aestheticly pleasing...

day four : may 30th 2020

I learned some more about html. But also about the blm-movement. I saw alot about what is going on in the US. I decided one purpose of this page is to reflect, who I am. Thats why I created a blm-page. I now have a clearer vision of what I want to create here.

day three : may 29th 2020

I tried some stuff I learned on the website. For example I added a button for my guestbook-link. I added my blog-link again, because I do not know what to do with this website yet. So that maybe someone who is interested can watch me struggle. LOL. After a break, I deleted some stuff, like headings. My plan is to add an "about me" page. I want to add a moving background and more links in gif's to jump between pages.

day two : may 28th 2020

I changed a few things. I found a great website with lots of explanations regarding html and css, so I am excited to learn more. I deleted the link to this blog and other things. Maily because I want to know what to create and be comfortable with what the other users will see. I will need some inpiration on behalf of the content of this website.

day one : may 27th 2020

I started by creating a profil. I did not know how to work this website, so i did some research. And I just tried. So at this moment I colored the background and the font, which I also changed. I moved the text into the middle of the screen. I created a list. I added a picture and a gif. And my greatest accomplishement: I linked my pages together! Now you can enter my page and go to my blog, where I track what I do. (This one) I am proud of myself. Because I knew nothing relating to coding/programming?!